North Texas Grocery Stores Are Showing Off Calorie Counts!

North Texas Grocery Stores Are Showing Off Calorie Counts

If you’ve been to a grocery store in North Texas recently, chances are something new caught your eye – big, bold, calorie counts!


The Albertsons owned, Lubbock-based, Market Street supermarket chain, has been developing an extensive prepared food area over the years. Within the past 18 months, the company has been working hard on the new calorie program which is to be initiated into these prepared food areas.


The supermarket chain has already installed new menu boards with calorie counts clearly defined next to each food option and all the staff have been trained in portion control.  Almost all food prepared in the supermarkets must be strategically pre-portioned, measured, and labeled for consumers.  The new nutritional labeling program is an expensive health initiative  due to the significant resources it takes to research and validate the nutritional ingredients in all the products but because it’s imperative to healthy decision making for their customers, the stores will push on.

Albertsons and Tom Thumb stores are in the process of training their staff on the new labeling of menu items too and the stores will start labeling everything from single serving food options to ready-to-eat food items.


Another North Texas store, Sprouts Farmers Market, has also started adding calories to its deli sandwich menu boards. With more and more locations around Texas becoming transparent about the ingredients of their products, the more consumers can make educated and well informed choices around what they are putting into their bodies.


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