TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for November 2018. TX Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. M. Alan Sharif Dr. Kamran Sherwani Colon & Rectal Surgery Dr. Randall Rogers Dermatology Dr. Theodore Rosen Family Practice Dr. Samuel Ramirez Dr. Kerry D. Rhodes Dr. Abe Rodriguez Dr. B. Adam Shanes Dr. Michael D. Sims Dr. Joel Solis Gastroenterology Dr. Syed Sadiq Dr. Joseph H. Shelton Internal Medicine Dr. Youcef Sennour Dr. Ann M. Aleman-Weinmann Dr. Amina Alikhan Dr. David Sloan Ophthalmology Dr. Audrey Ahuero Dr. Jay Rubin Dr. Paul M. Scott Dr. John B. Sohocki Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Steven Sanders Dr. Munir Shah Dr. Scott L. Sledge Pediatrics Dr. Alvin Prause Dr. Mariel Silva Musalem Rheumatology Dr. Supriya Sehgal Dr. Muhammad Shamim Urology Dr. Steven Johnson Vascular Surgery Dr. David Brent Kerns

TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for October 2018. TX Top Docs Include: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. James Liu Cardiology Dr. John Son Nguyen Dermatology Dr. Ida Orengo Dr. Betty Rajan Dr. Claire S. Reddick ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Richard K. Newman Dr. Rajiv Pandit Family Practice Dr. Mary Nguyen Dr. George Richmond Jr. General Surgery Dr. Thomas J. Purgett Internal Medicine Dr. Paul Kim Dr. Madhu Pamganamamula Dr. Ruth Pilco-Jaber Dr. John A. Posey Jr. Dr. David Prier OBGYN Dr. Jeffrey T. Nelson Dr. Amy Plummer Dr. Jon M. R. Rawson Oncology / Hematology Dr. Tejal Patel Dr. Debra Patt Ophthalmology Dr. Kevin Y. Jong Dr. Richard Ou Dr. Madhavi G. Reddy Orthopedic Oncologist Dr. Rajiv Rajani Dr. Jason Ramsey Orthopedic Surgery Dr. John Noack Dr. Alan Rechter Pediatrics Dr. Linda Neely-Shelmire Dr. Jamie E. Ramirez Dr. Vandana Rawal Plastic / Read the full article →

TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for September 2018. TX Top Docs Include: Bariatric Medicine/Surgery Dr. Michael Lee Cardiology Dr. David R. Musselman Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr. Lawrence R. Hamner III Colon & Rectal Surgery Dr. John Mangione Dermatology Dr. Terry Jones ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. James C. Martin Jr. Family Practice Dr. David P. Hill Dr. David Mabry Dr. Patrick McColloster Dr. Martin McElya Dr. Gary Mueck General Surgery Dr. Alejandro Mejia Dr. Syed Mohiuddin Hand Surgery Dr. Jose J. Monsivais Internal Medicine Dr. James Marrroquin Dr. Robert McFadden Dr. James Muntz OBGYN Dr. Clyde Meeks Dr. Carrie Morris Dr. Daniel O. Mundy Dr. Paul B. Murphree Ophthalmology Dr. Bailey Lee Dr. S. Young Lee Dr. Marc Longo Dr. David McCartney Dr. James Merritt Dr. Aaron M. Miller Dr. Bernard A. Milstein Dr. Kelly Mitchell Pediatrics Dr. Maria Hoffman-Guardia Dr. Kalpana Kelkar Dr. Read the full article →

You’re Not The Only One Who’s Exhausted & Here’s Why Can you make it through the whole day without needing a nap? Or can you make it a whole week without dozing off at your desk? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 15% of women and 10% of men regularly feel exhausted in America.  In addition to that, the CDC reports that one third of American adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Not getting enough sleep is linked with many chronic diseases and conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression. It’s no surprise that these conditions are taking a massive toll on our country, but who knew sleep had a role to play in this? Below you will find a few possible reasons why you’re always feeling exhausted and what you can do to get a better night’s rest. Read the full article →

TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for August 2018. TX Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. Ravinder Bachireddy Dr. Kenneth Johnson Dr. Venkata Kovvali Dermatology Dr. Joseph E. Knipper Dr. Byron Limmer Dr. Rachel Limmer ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Stephen Y. Lai Family Practice Dr. Stephen Hamilton Dr. Armando Jose Jarquin Dr. Charles Johnson Dr. David C. Jordan Dr. Kevin J. Kallal Dr. Paul Keinarth Dr. Shaun Kretzschmar Dr. John Ledbetter Gastroenterolgy Dr. Shailesh C. Kadakia Dr. Khaldum Khatib Dr. Eric J. Lawitz Gynecology Dr. Maurice Leibman Internal Medicine Dr. Alok Kushwaha Dr. Nancy LeFeber Hughes Dr. Chiao Yung Lie OBGYN Dr. Angela Akonye Dr. George Cajas Dr. Karen Kish Ophthalmology Dr. Jane L. Hughes Dr. Scott D. Kelly Dr. W.T. Kittleman Dr. Douglas D. Koch Dr. Daniel J. Kravitz Dr. Janet A. Lindsey Pediatrics Dr. Roberta Lee Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Elizabeth Read the full article →