Social Media 411 Series (Part 4)

Social Media Marketing Goals & Objectives

Social Media Marketing Goals & Objectives

If you’ve been following along with this blog series about social media marketing, then you already know that as a professional, social media is key to your business. You might be thinking…

My business is so unique!” And you’re right, your business is truly unique in its own way and this is something that we can highlight throughout social media. 


There are three types of goals or objectives when using social media. 

  1. They are increasing website traffic
  2. Growing your community
  3. Amplifying your brand awareness

Depending on what is most important to you in your business right now, we can create content specifically aimed at reaching the desired goal or you can integrate all three into your social media marketing plan.

Number 1: Increasing YOUR Website Traffic:

When your desired goal on social media is to gain hits on your website, this strategy requires more boosted or paid posts. 

  • The reason being, Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook so they don’t like to show posts with external links that would essentially drive traffic away from their own site. However, if you’re paying them to link elsewhere, the story changes. 
  • Boosted posts get an increasing number of views and interactions once you set your target audience and provide a price point.

Number 2: Growing YOUR Community:

If your goal on social media is to grow your audience or your community, you can start developing posts that feature promotions such as:

  •  a free dental cleaning if you’re a dentist or 
  • a behind the scenes office tour for a child who wants to become a doctor one day. 

The possibilities are endless for this type of goal if you’re open to thinking outside the box and away from just the digital screen. By using promotions or giveaways with this type of objective in mind, momentum is created with your existing clients and it encourages others to come and join in on the fun.

Number 3: Amplifying YOUR Brand Awareness

When your desired goal on social media is to raise brand awareness or to show just how unique and wonderful your business is, it’s essential for you to capture the essence of your office and your staff in photographs. 

  • You can also show before and after photos of your patients or 
  • provide countless facts or interesting information about your practice or specialty. 

The overall effect this effort will have is that the more people hear from you and your brand, the more people will come to know you and be inclined to become a patient who gives you their time and money.

If you’re not sure which of these three social media marketing objectives are right for your business, or how to go about doing these things, click here to contact me for a free consultation