Social Media 411 Series (Part 2)

social media 411

Does Your Business Need To Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Does your business need to invest in social media marketing? The short answer is YES, but before I tell you why, be sure you’ve read this blog which explains exactly what social media is. 

As discussed in the aforementioned blog post, each social media platform has a specific purpose which can help elevate your brand in a unique way.  However, social media overall has been shown to be the key to customer success. There have been multitudes of studies conducted which show that customers reward companies who respond to their requests and complaints over social media. 

In other words, your company greatly benefits from simply being active and listening to your audience on social media. By responding to questions, complaints, or acknowledging brand loyal customers in a timely fashion, you are increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will continue to engage positively with your brand.  

An interesting study found is that 59% of Americans believe customer service conducted through social media has made the process of obtaining answers to their questions or resolving any issues much simpler.  Making communication between your company and your customer easier is a win-win for both parties involved. Plus, knowing that 76% of adults use Facebook daily makes choosing this social media platform an easy choice for you to begin utilizing. 

We’re living in a content oriented world and your audience is going to want to constantly hear from you. Why should they become loyal to your company when your competitor is showing up consistently in their social media feeds with new information? Content consumption on Facebook has increased by 57% over the past two years. If you’re not providing new and exciting information about your company and your industry, your potential clients will find a competitor who provides the answers to their problems.

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Don’t let your lack of social media marketing be what drives potential customers to your competitors! As a certified social media specialist, from Syracuse University, I can help you create a social media presence that’s optimized to attract future clients while positively engaging with your current clientele. 

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