TX Top Docs Proudly Presents January 2019 Approved Providers

TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for January 2019.

January 2019

TX Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Christopher Nevins
  • Dr. Cynthia L. Williams
  • Dr. David S. Wolf


  • Dr. Rachel Limmer


  • Dr. Harry Uy

Family Practice

  • Dr. Fred Bakht
  • Dr. Kay Thompson
  • Dr. John A. Wray


  • Dr. Darshan Anandu
  • Dr. Louis J. Wilson
  • Dr. Abraham Winkelstein
  • Dr. Kai Xia

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Zoran Cupic
  • Dr. Nagendra Gupta


  • Dr. John D. Bertrand
  • Dr. Jennifer Brooks
  • Dr. William Weise IV
  • Dr. Kristin Williams

Oncology / Hematology

  • Dr. Revathi Angitapalli
  • Dr. Jess Whitson


  • Dr. John Alappatt
  • Dr. Mark Alford
  • Dr. Walter Beebe
  • Dr. James Bentley
  • Dr. Lee Tran

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Christie Ballantyne
  • Dr. Thomas Deberardino
  • Dr. Tarek O. Souryal
  • Dr. Eric S. Wieser


  • Dr. Robert Codey Bell
  • Dr. Suzanne Kelley
  • Dr. Jennifer Phy
  • Dr. Lisa Page Rowland

Physical Medicine / Physiatry

  • Dr. Richard Brown