TX Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

TX Top Docs Proudly Presents December 2019 Approved Providers

TX Top Docs and TX Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for December 2019.

TX Top Docs Include:


  • Dr. Nina Asrani
  • Dr. Armita Atashband
  • Dr. Sherwin Attai
  • Dr. Yamil W. Aude
  • Dr. Amilcar Avendano
  • Dr. Omar Awar
  • Dr. Ramy Ayad


  • Dr. Adelaide Hebert
  • Dr. Richard Hope

ENT (Otolaryngology)

  • Dr. Carlos Ayala
  • Dr. Bradford A. Bader
  • Dr. Arunkumar N. Badi

Family Medicine

  • Dr. Faith D. Atai
  • Dr. Nicholas O. Atudonyang
  • Dr. Michael S. Auvenshine
  • Dr. Angelina I. Ayoola
  • Dr. Mohammad A. Azad
  • Dr. Rommana Aziz


  • Dr. Amjad Awan

General Surgery

  • Dr. Jason Ashford
  • Dr. Marvin Atkins


  • Dr. Lisa M. Jukes

Infectious Disease

  • Dr. Mallika Kamana

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Asma Ashraf
  • Dr. Javaria Asif
  • Dr. Shamaila A. Aslam
  • Dr. Adib Asrabadi
  • Dr. Meria Aulds
  • Dr. Koko Aung
  • Dr. Myo Aung
  • Dr. Jane Ayala
  • Dr. Jose M. Ayala
  • Dr. Miguel A. Ayala
  • Dr. Roya Azadi
  • Dr. Nikolay Azarov
  • Dr. Ahsan Azhar
  • Dr. Sameh Aziz
  • Dr. Wesam Sabri Aziz
  • Dr. Neeraj Badhey
  • Dr. Oghenetega Badidi
  • Dr. S. Murthy Badiga

Medical Oncology

  • Dr. Michael Y. Ashigbi


  • Dr. Ahmad Saeed Ata
  • Dr. Strahil T. Atanasov


  • Dr. Antonio Asis
  • Dr. Sasan Askari


  • Dr. Brian C. Au
  • Dr. Patrick P. Avet

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dr. Cameron T. Atkinson
  • Dr. Ioannis Avramis
  • Dr. Daniel Babbel


  • Dr. Christina Ateek
  • Dr. Lakshmi V. Atkuri
  • Dr. Anissa August
  • Dr. Geshia Austin
  • Dr. Michael Austin
  • Dr. Felipe M. Avila
  • Dr. Karin G. Ayer
  • Dr. Sohail B. Azadi
  • Dr. Lynn Azuma
  • Dr. Tyeshia Babineaux
  • Dr. Edgar Bacares
  • Dr. Mohamad Hassan

Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. John Ayala
  • Dr. David Azouz


  • Dr. Oluyemisi Awobokun

Surgical Oncology

  • Dr. Gildy V. Babiera

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