Does Your Business Need To Invest in Social Media Marketing? Does your business need to invest in social media marketing? The short answer is YES, but before I tell you why, be sure you’ve read this blog which explains exactly what social media is.  As discussed in the aforementioned blog post, each social media platform has a specific purpose which can help elevate your brand in a unique way.  However, social media overall has been shown to be the key to customer success. There have been multitudes of studies conducted which show that customers reward companies who respond to their requests and complaints over social media.  In other words, your company greatly benefits from simply being active and listening to your audience on social media. By responding to questions, complaints, or acknowledging brand loyal customers in a timely fashion, you are increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they will continue Read the full article →

What is Social Media? As a professional, I’m sure you’ve heard about how important it is to be on social media. But what exactly is social media? I can tell you one thing, social media isn’t just a trending fad where young adults are creating memes and ranting about their day.  According to Pew Research, in 2017 nearly 70% of all adults used social media to connect with others, read the news, engage with content, share information and entertain themselves. An average American uses around 3 different social media platforms each day. Social media consists of websites that allow users to connect, create, and share content with one another. While some use social media networks are for personal reasons, the possibilities of using social media in a professional manner are endless.  Each social media platform has its own specific purpose and the way you utilize the platform’s ability to help Read the full article →

TX Top Docs and TX Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for August 2019. TX Top Docs Include: Cardiology Dr. Farhan Ali Dr. Venkata R. Aligeti Dermatology Dr. Ryan Ahern Dr. Ammar Ahmed Dr. Russell Akin ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Susan Marenda King Family Practice Dr. Nimat Alam Dr. Rafiq Qasam Ali Gastroenterology Dr. Sudhir K. Alampur Dr. Shahid Ali Dr. Bradley A. Barth General Surgery Dr. Michael C. Albrecht Dr. Garish Alexander Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Dr. Ashmead Ali Neurological Surgery Dr. Ladislau Albert Jr. Ophthalmology Dr. Deborah W. Alexander Dr. Mark Alford Pain Medicine Dr. Samuel J. Alianell Pediatrics Dr. Meenu S. Bhatti Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Bonnie Baldwin Dr. Mark S. Barlow Sports Medicine Dr. Mark Kazewych TX Top Dentists Include: Oral / Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. David M. Alfi

TX Top Docs and TX Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for July 2019. TX Top Docs Include: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. Chuling Jiang Anesthesiology Dr. Matthew Kaplan Cardiology Dr. Aamer Abbas Dr. Rajjit Abrol Dr. Sam Afshar Dr. Dustin Agan Dr. Rajiv Agarwal Dr. Paul Aggarwal Dr. Ildiko Agoston Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad Dr. Fadi M. Alameddine Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr. Andrew T. Hume Dermatology Dr. William Abramovits Dr. Daniel Achtman Dr. Max Adler Dr. Stephen Van Laborde Dr. Deborah MacFarlane ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Lance E. Jackson Dr. Wayne R. Kirkham Family Practice Dr. Jeffry Adcock Dr. Asma Aftab Ahmad Dr. Nimat Alam Dr. Margaret Gilmore Dr. Nazish S. Islahi Gastroenterology Dr. Luis J. Acosta Dr. Aamer Agha Dr. Abrar Ahmed Dr. F. Lyone Hochman Dr. Satish Venkata Iduru Dr. David Pryor Jones General Surgery Dr. John K. Abbott Dr. Christine Landry Dr. Read the full article →

TX Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for June 2019. TX Top Docs Include: Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Dr. Priyanka Gupta Dermatology Dr. Kelly Duncan Endocrinology Dr. Kelly Hicks ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Gary Goodnight General Surgery Dr. Erich Grethel Geriatric Medicine Dr. Mark Fleschler Internal Medicine Dr. Curtis Evans OB/GYN Dr. Tiffany Satterfield Ophthalmology Dr. Mario A. Di Pascuale Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Joshua Gary Pediatrics Dr. George Steven Fidone Dr. Lucy Graubard Dr. Shahid Hasnain